Friday, November 03, 2006

Out with the old, in with the new

I lost my job. Unfortunately, my work computer contained the bookmark to my old blog and it contained incriminating evidence. I deleted the whole thing. That pisses me off. There was some good stuff on there. Stew tried to talk me through saving it but I was in a foul mood (moi?) and I couldn't be bothered. Now, I know I am stupid.

So, now I am stupid and unemployed.

Not sure what kind of fun facts and rants this new blog will contain but stay tuned as I am sure someone will do something to grate my nerves soon enough to spark some inspiration.

Wow, that didn't take long. I just got spam for Black & Decker. Apparently, when you create a bridal registry, several companies (eventho' the places where you register claim they don't sell your info to third parties) begin sending you news of upcoming "hot" new products. In this case, it was about vacuums because getting married obviously means you will enjoy cleaning that much more.

The sad thing is, I can get excited about a new vacuum because I am using the one my Mother gave me after owning it for a billion years. She gave it to me only after she sucked up wet wallpaper remnants with it so it sucks . . . Just not in the way that it should. After a heated discussion over whether or not we should register for china or expensive things we actually needed that went something like this:

Me: I dunno, should we register for china?

Stew: No.

Me: It would be nice to have but where are going to keep it and when will we ever use it?

Stew: You're right.

Me: But when the hell will we ever be able to afford it?

Stew: (Sits back and lets me debate with myself. I'm so glad he learned this skill early.)

Me: Maybe if we ever got a house and had holidays and stuff but it would most likely just sit there and take up space. There is just so much other stuff I need like a working vacuum and pots I didn't inherit from my mom after Jason ruined them trying to make popcorn when I had microwaveable bags right there. You're right. Let's just get a Dyson instead. China schmina.

Phew! We narrowly escaped a fight on that one.


J said...

I am never going to live burning that dam pot down.

Dr Horder said...

Not until I get a new batch and never have to see it again. So you have at least until July.