Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sim-ply Addicted

I blame Stew.

If Stew hadn't been so supportive of me playing video games while I'm unemployed there is no way I would have been persuaded to buy Sims 2. I knew how lethal The Sims were. I prcatically had to break the game CD to stop playing. Well, actually, all i had to do was to break up with the boy who I was borrowing it from prompting me to have to return it. Still, do you see the lengths I went to to rid myself of the evil that was The Sims?

All that.

And what does Stew do?

"I'll buy it for you if you really want it. I want you to be entertained."

Ohhhhhh, noooooo, Stewwwwwww! Why didn't he just hand me the belt and needle? Heck, why he's at it, give the vein a few good pats to get it to show its face. Its ugly ugly pixelated face.

"No," I said. "If I want it, I'll buy it."

I couldn't let Stew buy me the eqivalent of crack. Granted, I let him buy me Cold Stone ice cream and S'mores fondue and that might be considered my own personal crack, but The Sims was a whole different drug. I made it look like a decision I was struggling with. I even said a few times out loud, "I don't know. I may get addicted." I was hoping Stew would tackle me to the floor and rip it out of my hands and drag me out of the store. Alas, he didn't. He stood there thinking where we should go to dinner and why the hell is it taking me so long to buy a stupid game.

"Wait," Stew said, "You should buy this. It has The Sims 2 and the Holiday Stuff expansion pack. Why would anyone buy them separate when they are both here for only $10 more. Stupid."

Oh my god. Not just crack, holiday crack. I skipped to the register. I didn't want dinner, I wanted to go home and start installing.

It did not take long for me to rediscover why i have a love/hate relationship with The Sims. The Sims are very time consuming and like pets they must be trained when to eat, sleep, bathe and go to work. Being unemployed and playing Sims while polishing off a pot of coffee doesn't exactly give me the right to start running other people's lives. But, hell if i tried.

Sims 2 is like 900 times better than Sims. It is much more advanced and your characters eventually learn when to pee, poop, eat, go to work or bathe. Altho' sometimes when one of my Sim hears the horn for her job, she immediately runs to the living room to watch TV. That would be my favorite Sim, Stony Burner. More on Stony later. The new sims even get fat, lose weight and have sex. They also have aspiration meters so you can start your Sim off with high ror low aspirations from birth. But they whine a lot when they don't reach their goals.

So, i am addicted and what does Stew go ahead and do?

He buys me more exansion packs for Christmas. I got Sims University where i can send them to college and make them join fraternities or sororities. Sims Open for business which is a really involved game about having your Sims starts businesses and buld empires. And, Sims Glamour Life where I can buy them more expensive funky stuff.

I'm in Sims Hell.

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