Friday, December 15, 2006

Canadians have it made

So, I got in touch with my doctor's office yesterday. Actually, I spoke to her assistant who was about as helpful as a brick. Apparently, the fact that i have been working on the same bottle of codeine since February 2006 makes me look like a junky now that I need a refill almost a year later. She asked me 2,000 questions before telling me that my former doctor (who has since retired from that practice) was the one who prescribed it to me and not the current doctor.

Let me tell you something about this practice. It's one of those places where they have 4 doctors on staff and I don't think I ever saw the same doctor twice. Seeing that they all worked together, under one umbrella, if one doctor prescribed something for you then all the doctors should see that in your chart and honor it. But that seems to make too much sense. I was told yesterday that the doctor I saw last only wrote in my chart that I should continue my extra strength Tylenol and never said anything about Tylenol with codeine. I was also told that this particular doctor doesn't like to prescribe pain meds. I explained my no insurance having case to the assistant so coming in so that the Dr. could see me before giving me what i can get on the Internet without a script was not an option i could afford right now and she was like stone on the other end of the phone. Jesus lady, it's Christmas, have a freaking heart.

Let me tell you something about my cramps. Thanks to 20 years of having irregular periods, my uterus seems to be making up for it now. I have about two days where I pass out from the loss of blood and can barely function because my cramps are so severe. They're made worse by the IUD which gets pushed into my ovaries when they swell to what I figure to be the size of watermelons. I can only describe the pain as feeling like someone is sawing me in half. I wish this pain could be held at bay with extra strength Tylenol but I would have to start taking 3 every 4 hours now for it to have any impact on my pain and frankly that would give me an ulcer before I even got the Aunt Flow drop-by. Why bother when all i have to do is take a shot of Malloxx and two T3s a day for just two days?

So, today, I found Tylenol 3s that i can get online from Canada for super cheap. The only problem is a $30 a month fee to join this site and a 1 - 4 week wait on the pills. The deal turns out to be not such a deal after all and the wait will not help me when my period is 7 days away. So, I looked at the bottle again today and noticed that this doctor's name happens to be on the bottle as the prescriber. So, WTF? Why isn't it in my chart. I called her assistant back to inform her of this and advise her to talk to the Dr. again. We'll see what happens.

I may have to move to Canada.

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