Tuesday, February 12, 2008

23 vials of blood

I had today off. A much needed day off. Yet, I found myself awake at 7:59 stinky, itchy, hungry, thirsty and in dire need of coffee. But. Before I could enjoy my morning coffee, a cheesey omellette and a shower I had one thing to do first.

Go for bloodwork I have been putting off since November. I was waiting for a day off because usually the lab is booked solid and the wait is hours in the a.m. I decided to spare myself some anxiety and do it on a day off. I also had to fast for 12 hours and considering one last morsel of food usually goes in my mouth around 10:30 it meant I had to wait until 10:30 to go. I decided to at least shower first because I smelled and my scalp was itchy after 2 days sans shampoo.

I got to Quest at 9:45. I figured I would have at least an hour's wait but judging by the packed parking lot it may be longer. I had to park down the street and walk which was harder than it sounds because it's like negative 2 with this wind and I was lacking the energy I usually get from stuff like food and coffee. I was surprised when I opened the door to the lab waiting room there was not a soul in sight. I was hoping to be eating in 15 minutes (and that included the ride home). Just my luck that two employees were working there today, Lazy & Stupid. Stupid was on a break and Lazy was on a personal call that wasn't ending any time soon. She told me to sign in which i thought was stupid since I was the only one there. I signed in and then stood at her window with my paperwork and insurance card. She ignored me. I finally sat down but not before rolling my eyes and sucking on my teeth.

Stupid came back from his break and changed into his lab coat. He took my paperwork and insurance card. Then, he sat me in a room and said he would be right back because he had to look up some codes. "This is a lot of blood work" he said. Apparently, he was unfamilar with some of the tests on one of my forms (I had two forms from two different doctors). After 15 minutes, he came back in and proceeded to pull tube after tube out and line them up on the counter.

21 tubes later, he was ready to start.

"Oh. Wait" Stupid said, "I want to make sure that's it . . . Oh."

23 tubes later my eyes widened.

"32 is the maximum I can take from a pregnant lady," Stupid said.

"Um, I'm not pregnant," I said, "I just lost 3 pounds. This is a skinny day."

I could see how Stupid might make the jump as some were prenatal tests. The operative word being PRE.

Around the 12th tube I thought my arm was going to fall off and I was starting to feel some discomfort when he changed tubes snapping each one in and out of place.

"My arm is starting to hurt a little," I said. Not whining or anything. Just stating a fact.

"Well. My arm hurts too," Stupid said, "I have to hold it like this and these gloves are uncomfortable."

Umm . . . Excuse me, but I am the one with a needle sticking out of my arm as you extract 23 tubes worth of my blood without paying me for it, might I add. And all I kept thinking was how Stupid was more than likely doing something wrong and I would end up back here.

I decided to make small talk to make the time go faster and think less about the pain. I said how I was surprised there was not a wait when I walked in. Stupid said most people come early because they are fasting.

"You didn't have to fast so you could come later," Stupid said.

"Actually, I am fasting," I said. Something you would have known if you saw there were glucose tests on there, STUPID!!!!

Finally Stupid was done. But not without taking one more tube "because it doesn't hurt to have extra in case I missed something."


24 tubes of blood.

Stupid said I was now free to eat a big breakfast. I said all I wanted was a big coffee. Food would come later.

"Well. I'm late for break but that's okay." Stupid said.

Uh . . . Thanks. I'd hate for you to be late for a break when you just got back from one. WTF? Can you say anything right? Maybe if you knew what you were doing you could have saved 15 minutes looking up codes or asked Lazy. I bet she knew since she's Lazy and you're Stupid. I left shaking my head because I knew I would be back in about a week when my doctors realize Stupid missed something and my tests aren't complete. I am sure of it

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